Glucoband bloodless monitor is getting closer


Calisto Medical has finished clinical trials of their digital glucose monitor that indicates blood glucose levels through bio-electromagnetic resonance.  The Glucoband is worn like a wrist watch and can indicate the wearer’s glucose levels continuously.  Hopefully this means we will see these hit the market soon.  From the Glucoband web site:

A wrist-watch-like Glucoband, with fully integrated LCD screen, electronic circuits, integrated electrodes, battery and adjustable wrist-band, is placed on the person’s wrist. The initial measurement process takes only a few minutes, however, in the monitoring mode, measurements can be continuous and only the frequency of measurements must be determined. The Glucoband targets diabetics who are measuring their own blood glucose, and medical personnel who are using blood glucose measuring and monitoring devices in clinics, hospitals and other point-of-care facilities. The measurements meet FDA requirements for accuracy and correlation.

The Company also plans to offer a maintenance agreement on the Glucoband, which will support its operation for as long as the maintenance is in effect. The design of the Glucoband is such that it may be used as a regular wrist-watch or be used as a blood glucose measurement device, at the discretion of the wearer. In 2007, the Company expects to introduce complementary products and Glucoband derivatives designed to target other segments of the world market and compete on price as well as performance.

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Jonathan Cohen

No doubt this will come with a disposable element. There’s yet to be any glucose testing system that didn’t have one so the medical companies could keep making money every month (think of the razor/blade costs).

Previous monitoring watches had adhesive patches you had to change daily; the laser-based painless blood extraction system had a disposable plastic coverlet that needed to be changed for *every* test.

Frankly, I’m skeptical that we’ll ever see a one-time only cost for a device like this…

rosalinda de leon

hi, iwould like to know how much will cost the glucoband and where can i get it, thanks


i am hypoglcemia low sugar and i would love to have one of these watches to let me know when my sugar gets low when i am at work it is hard to test when i need to.

thank you,


My entire family is diabetic. We have Type I and Type II Diabetics. My brother consistently has blood sugars in the 20 – 30 range. He is legally blind so he doesn’t always have the ability to monitor his glucose at home when he is alone. I think the Glucoband would be great for him.


All I do is report technology I find that may be useful to readers. There is nothing wrong with that. I am a diabetic too and have been waiting for the Gluco monitoring gadgets to appear but the company has not answered to any of my requests for more information. Don’t shoot the messenger.


Call me old Mr Skeptical…

21 years a type 1 and I can say without worry of overstressing the situation that something like this would not only change my life but lengthen it too.
All of us have a fuse that’s burning a lot faster than a non diabetic and these companies know of our hunger for true advancements in treatment.

It’s just that one (as a diabetic) notices an obvious trend after a while for BS with these products that are promised yet never arrive (some were promised when I was 10 years old and first diagnosed and still unavailable) yet you still hear the same spool from the papers a few times a year about a breakthrough in technologies, and sure enough it’s that same tired old company trying to get more funding for the same product that obviously didn’t ever work in the first place.

I’d love to be proved wrong over this, but it’s been a long time since the product was announced with little to no news or previews on it’s functions or ultimate availability.

Please stop screwing around with peoples emotions and hopes and just get the thing properly documented and updated.
Give us a reason to wait for your product over the new Minimed continuous testing device or stop wasting everyones time.
I don’t wish to sound overly morbid, but our lives actually aren’t long enough to be toyed with as though we were being sold a new car.
Please get it together.


Dennitz Elmäng

I have been waiting for a thing like this to come for over 10 years now, finally it is on the way to become true. It’s going to be great to se whether the b/s is on its way up or down. Great! I hope that i can buy it soon. I have also reported myself as a testperson if needed.

vincent aymoz

I’m french, a swatch like this is the most new I ever heard, I’m working all day from 7am from 8pm and it’s difficult to hide diabet. I will buy it as soon as possible only for the fact that you can read glycemy everywhere . A great invention

stephen mule

I really need this watch. I dislike sticking myself. please hurry with this ingenius invention.!!

Mauricio Mendez

Send me any info about please and I will give anything to

Nan Beechler

This would be wonderful I could DRIVE and not be so scared about my BS..

Jayne Cathcart

I have type 1 diabetes for 43 of my 46 years and would give almost anything to get the glucoband. Please hurry

Daniel B. Jarvis

Myself and 3 of my children are type 1 diabetics. Please send information and keep me informed. If you need test subjects, please contact.

ricardo a. montemayor

please send me all the information. tank you

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