Glucoband bloodless monitor is getting closer

Calisto Medical has finished clinical trials of their digital glucose monitor that indicates blood glucose levels through bio-electromagnetic resonance.  The Glucoband is worn like a wrist watch and can indicate the wearer’s glucose levels continuously.  Hopefully this means we will see these hit the market soon.  From the Glucoband web site:

A wrist-watch-like Glucoband, with fully integrated LCD screen, electronic circuits, integrated electrodes, battery and adjustable wrist-band, is placed on the person’s wrist. The initial measurement process takes only a few minutes, however, in the monitoring mode, measurements can be continuous and only the frequency of measurements must be determined. The Glucoband targets diabetics who are measuring their own blood glucose, and medical personnel who are using blood glucose measuring and monitoring devices in clinics, hospitals and other point-of-care facilities. The measurements meet FDA requirements for accuracy and correlation.

The Company also plans to offer a maintenance agreement on the Glucoband, which will support its operation for as long as the maintenance is in effect. The design of the Glucoband is such that it may be used as a regular wrist-watch or be used as a blood glucose measurement device, at the discretion of the wearer. In 2007, the Company expects to introduce complementary products and Glucoband derivatives designed to target other segments of the world market and compete on price as well as performance.

(via engadget)


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