Blinkx video search upgrade coming

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Blinkx just signed a deal with iFilm which will be added as another content channel that’s searchable on At the moment, Blinkx is searching the metadata attached to the video files, But they’ve also kicked off a transcription-based index of all content, which will catch up over the first few weeks of the agreement. So in a month or so, you could jump to the exact moment in the Crossfire show where Jon Stewart takes a swipe at Tucker Carlson’s bowtie. Clearly as video search becomes more important these kind of enhancements are going to come in handy.

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Alex Rowland

I’m interested to see how many video content owners will continue to require permission for search services to dive into their content. It’s like AOL erecting their infamous walled garden to protect paid content within the network. That approach didn’t work so well. You want as many people searching your content as possible. Why the need for permission? Shouldn’t iFilm want every service to be able to find their video feeds? Or is this just so much marketing hype?

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