What is a media company today?

Prompted by the fuss over the designation by some of Google as a “media company,” we asked our readers to offer their definitions of a media company today. Here are a few responses with more to come as warranted:
Tolman Geffs, Managing Director, The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. and guest columnist, paidContent.org.: “Media companies bring content to audiences. That’s what Google does, with the content comprising unique aggregated search results. Aggregation may seem like a new form of content, but directories have been around forever. Yes, Google is also a navigation tool. So is the telephone, but that does not mean that yellow pages directories are not media. They are, and so is Google.”
David Grossman, online marketing manager: “If Google isn’t a media company, than neither is Yahoo!. Both sites
aggregate other sites’ content, and sell advertising around it.
Whether or not the actual article is hosted on the Google site is
irrelevant. All content sites have index pages, after all. Google is
simply a high tech, personalized index-page generator. Who could argue
that Google News isn’t a media property? Besides, Google DOES own
content: Google Groups and Blogger, in particular. So I’d say that Friedman is way off on this one. As for the general definition of a media company, it’s any company whose principle business is to sell information to an audience, and or access to that audience through advertising. Google certainly qualifies.

A former journalist turned technologist at a major media company: “I define a media company as an organization whose core competency is the CREATION of information content which is sold as a ‘product’ and disseminated to information consumers via one or more publishing technologies, including print publishing, radio & TV broadcasting, and internet publishing. … I feel that CREATION is the key to defining a media company, as CREATORS and their content really define a media company’s position in the marketplace and their corporate culture.”

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