The Tablet PC Show #12 – get it while it’s fresh


The Tablet PC Show #12 (MP3 – 18.8MB – 54min 45sec)


The Tablet PC Show #12 takes a different turn with the absence of co-host Marc Orchant who is off gallivanting across the country on a vacation while I remain behind to toil away on the podcast. This show takes the listener through a day in the life of me, James Kendrick, and gives a glimpse into the hardware and software tools that are used through the daily toils of a technical consultant. Enjoy the show and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about anything mentioned in the podcast. Kick back, and listen to someone else work for a change. :) Original music courtesy of One Egg Ticket.

Links to each of the tools mentioned on the show in the order they are mentioned (roughly):

HP tc1100
Piel Frama tc1100 leather portfolio case
Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset
Motorola v710 cell phone
Cross Pen-enabled Executive Pen
Merlin v620 EVDO modem (PC Card)
Victorinox Swiss Army Mini-backpack (review)
HP tc1100 extra battery
IOGear Bluetooth Mini Mouse
Sony Fontopia headphones
Andrea Electronics Soundbeam Array microphone

Tablet Enhancements for Outlook
TimeTTracker MX
Verizon Access Manager
Adobe Acrobat
QuickBooks Premiere
eReader Pro
Internet Explorer
MSN Desktop Search
MindManager (used heavily just not on this particular day)



Update: I have clarification from Mindjet concerning the licensing for MindManager. You can only use MM on a single computer by a single user for each license purchased.


Todd, I have checked the EULA for MindManager and it appears they do NOT allow using it on both a desktop and notebook (or Tablet) on a single license. I have contacted Mindjet about that and will update here when I hear back.


Todd, thanks for the kind words. Here’s my take on your questions:

1. I have a 60 GB HDD on the HP which is plenty for me. I have it loaded with just about every piece of s/w a body can install and with 15 GB of music files and podcasts I still have about 20 GB free. I don’t have digital movies or this would be different but if I reach a point where HDD space is a problem I would use an external USB 2.0 HDD which is now available in a portable format up to 100 GB.

2. I have looked at Mindmapper in the past but don’t have any real experience using it. MindManager is one of the best programs I have used on the Tablet and I can’t imagine using something else. Mindjet has done such an excellent job with the ink optimizations that it is actually fun to use the program.

3. I’m not sure about MindManager but most developers allow you to install a program on both a desktop and a laptop with one license. I’ll see if I can find out from Mindjet and post back here.


Enjoyed the podcast describing your workflow technology and thank you for it. I have three questions. Number 1)I don’t recall you mentioning disk space issues on the tablet, even when you described the docking rig you have. What about music and images and audiobooks. 40, 60, 80 gb disk size is too small. How do you deal with it … external drives or some have mentioned moving things off the system, but seems like a pain. Number 2) With regard to Mindmanager, do you have an opinion as to how it compares with Mindmapper. From what I can see Mindmanager is more expensive, but seems to have more capability, but are they worth the extra $$. Number 3) I guess I would have to buy two copies of either, one for laptop and one for desktop, right. So cost is issue.

p.s. don’t have tablet yet, but watching it with great interest – concerned about disk space.

Vince Anido

The part where you proved that the contractor was wrong was classic. To be a fly on the wall in that meeting…I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he heard the recording. :)

Great podcast! It really has given me great insight about how to introduce my forthcoming tablet into my workday.

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