The BackStory on Microsoft Aruba Deal


Microsoft has picked Aruba Networks to replace 5000 access points on various Microsoft campuses around the world, reports The deployment will be in 60 countries, 277 buildings and will have 25,000 simultaneous users. Financially how big the deal is hard to say. But the more interesting part is the backstory to how Aruba got this deal. Back in January, this deal was going to Airespace, but then on January 12th, came the news that Cisco was buying Airespace for $450 million. A few days after that, I heard that the AireSpace-Microsoft deal was off, and Redmond had issued another RFP. Some serious bidding ensued and here we are. So the salient point: something’s up between Cisco and Microsoft? Directory services perhaps? Are they butting heads over another product line and this deal became part of that political football?

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