Nokia’s Browser Choices Baffle Me

Nokia, should make a perfect study for Harvard Business School, for it is a perfect example of a company that cannot make up its mind. First it develops its own browser, loads it up on its phones. Then it does a deal to bundle Opera in its phones. And now there is news that company is turning to open source community to come-up with a new browser to be included in future releases of the Series 60 software.

This yet another new browser, uses two components used by Apple’s Safari Web browser and are based on KHTML and KJS. Folks over at The Apple Blog think out loud and ask, ‘let’s be crazy for a second and imagine Dashboard widgets on a Nokia phone?’

Sure, except Nokia is bound to change its mind again. Now I am wondering out loud: does anyone give a damn about a browser on a phone? And why does Nokia need to reinvent the wheel? Also why did they back Minimo, the mobile Mozilla then?


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