james duncan davidson: Dear Steve


x180 / james duncan davidson: Dear Steve is an open letter to Steve Jobs regarding the switch-over to Intel Hardware.

James helps put me at ease by detailing some of his first-hand experiences of the ease and speed of porting apps over to the X86 framework. I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there (as I have been, and as James apparently was too) who assumed there was a good amount of smoke and mirrors at work at WWDC. Seems that the pessimists out there can relax a skosh. The Marklar team looks to have put in some super-quality work. James wants the Intel stuff now!

Well, I think that after the experience we just had this last week, you don’t have to worry about us. We’ll be more than ready for you in very short order. In fact, I would ask that you don’t schedule any time for us to get our house in order. The work that your teams have done makes that a non-issue. And, the work that third-party developers have put into making great apps for Mac OS X is going to pay off as well.

Who else has some WWDC stories to share? Does your story jive, or did you see or experience something on the contrary? (Maybe we can get Chris and Rich to weigh in here…)



Everything I’ve read so far indicates smooth sailing for developers so far…that’s a good thing :-)


I hate to say, but I don’t think this is a hoax. The lag you referred to could be due in part to the age of the hardware. While I cannot determine the exact specifications of the hardware that has been used for this, I can confirm that this is an older Pentium based Dell. I used to own a Dell portable that looked similiar to this, and I recall it being a Pentium III 500 MHz.

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