Centillium’s Convergence Chip


Centillium Communications, once a leader in the DSL chipset business is plotting a comeback on the back of its new chips, Palladia 400, an ADSL2++ chipset that can deliver up to 50 Mbps downstream and 5.5 Mbps upstream. It has a dedicated DSP for VoIP, has built in WiFi (including 802.11g and 802.11n) and supports USB 2.0 and and can be used in home gateways. The Palladia 400-2P includes two voice channels and is created for home gateway applications, while the Palladia 400-4P with four channels of voice is optimized for enterprises. Press Release!


Om Malik


good catch. the weirdly worded press release threw me off on a loop. thanks for pointing it out

Wes Felter

The chip does not have built-in 802.11; it has a PCI bus to which you could attach an 802.11 controller at extra cost.

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