Great new site just launched – Basically it’ll run you through the items you’ll need to build your own Intel based Macintosh in preparation for the official – or unnofficial – release of Tiger for X86.

Should be a nice way to save a few dollars and build precisely to your own specifications rather than getting the Apple branded version. Course yours probably won’t look as nice, but since when did looks really matter…? lol

UPDATE: Our own Dan made a mention of how Apple may limit the hardware that Intel versions of OS X can run on. On a layman’s level, it has to do with a chip controlling DRM stuffs. Which sounds very possible, considering some of the rumors that Intel’s DRM capabilities would allow Apple to get into an iTMS version of a Movie Store…

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I keep clicking on the link and it takes me to some godaddy site like one of those random add sites. What’s the problem?


while apple most likely can’t survive by licensing os x (they need the hardware sales), something like this is good in my opinion. let’s look at who builds their own computers-hackers, linux users, etc….in all honesty…geeks (i mean that in a good way). a lot of these people are also up to date w/ the open source movement. this will get more people to open up os x and look at it, and the more eyes on the code, the better. it’ll will also probably increase the competition on apple to create a reason not to build your own hardware by giving the consumers a better product. details aside, sites like this will open up people’s eyes to apple, the macintosh, and os x.

that being said, apple will continue to get my money for their hardware

Nick Santilli

While I can build a computer, I’m not going to pretend to be technical enough to understand the ins and outs of locking the os to specific hardware in this case.

But from what I’ve been hearing, at least for now, the developer builds are running on pretty much any intel platform…

but the prod release in june 06 may very well be locked down. guess we’ll have to wait and see what His Steveness has to say about it.

Slippery Pete

Well, this begs the question (again) of whether OS X will eventually be platform-independent. Right after WWDC the word was that Apple will prevent OS X from running on non-Mac hardware, but how long will that firewall last?

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