Alleged Tiger86 Runs on Dell Laptop


A video has surfaced that supposedly shows the developer version of the x86 version of Tiger running on a Dell Laptop. It seems very clear to me that this is a hoax. Not only does the video neglect to provide the easiest proof — a clear view of the “About this Mac” window –, but the lag that the video shows is indicative of a VNC connection. I am not saying that I doubt the validity of the reports that Tiger will run on standard PC’s, I simply think that it is not that case with this video. What do our brilliant readers think?

Another video has emerged, along with more detailed pictures. This looks far more legit to me, and seems like a different machine altogether.
Hat-Tip to Nick for pointing this new video out to me.



Come on it’s fake, he states that no apps work – well the developer machines ship with iLife already in Universal binaries and Rosetta would be working too.

Patrick Lacson

You can have 768MB of RAM on a PC.

I haven’t been able to see the video, but the pictures look legit to me. I expect a followup that includes a nice HOWTO.


It might be video from the PowerBook, but it’s not the mini unless he Photoshopped the RAM specs as well.

I always thought x86 had to have matching RAM sticks? If so, 768 just won’t do. I could be way off here. Just a thought.


if you look in the back ground of the picture you can see a macmini running with no display it may be a possibility that they rewired the display of the dell to display that mac mini desktop and edited it of photoshop later


Yeah, it is fairly easy to spot my fake, but i only did it in 5 minutes.

Though you are right, the other one does look more legit and have now seen an extra picture I didn’t see till after my previous comments.

I just think it might be a bit too early for all this to show up. While those photo’s are nice and clear, the video is from far away.

Who knows, it might be legit – what I’m probably more surprised about is how well it works on different hardware.

Anyway, I should get to bed – it’s 1:25am for me.


Yeah, but I still think the second video is legit. Also, its pretty easy to see that the photoshop you did is faked, the text is too dark.


By comparing the About This Mac window from my Dual G5 and the Intel Pentium 4 system that Steve Jobs demo’s in his WWDC Keynote, the major difference is that the Intel based mac does not state what the Startup disk is – there are only two lines on the Intel build window: Processor and RAM.

Does anyone know what model of Dell this is? It seems the word length and amount of words (from what I can make out of the blurry frames) that describe the processor seem to fit more with PowerPC than something that says Intel Pentium.


I’ve seen this video as well. I did notice that it was running a little slow but I didn’t think of the VNC option.. very valid point. I’m sure that’s probably what it was.


Hoax it is for sure I say. VNC it must be. (Yes, Revenge of the Sith recently see I did :D).

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