techADDICTION Show #12 – don’t miss this one!


The techADDICTION Show #12 (MP3 – 18.8MB – 53min)


Tech talk, mergers, and hybrids, oh my! Follow Kevin and me as we take another trip through the world of gadgets and you will almost hear the silence of Kevin’s hybrid engine. Should Yahoo buy Skype? Apple license the Mac OS? Or is all of this just a pain in the butt neck? Tune in for the scoop on all these issues before it’s too late! Don’t forget the comments and suggestions – we do listen to you!  Original music courtesy of One Egg Ticket.

00:00 Intro – James Kendrick and Kevin Tofel

01:20 Skype and Yahoo sitting in a tree

06:50 SanDisk SD/ USB card

10:00 Apple and Intel

I, Cringely

16:50 Kevin orders a Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS
Tom Tom GPS

21:45 Intermission – The Podcast Network

23:00 Card Export II

26:40 LifeDrive slowdown

28:10 Seagate 160 GB 2.5 inch hard drive

31:30 Laptop users and RSI

35:20 techADDICTlON Skype messages

Peter on Puppy Linux
Linux User Show on The Podcast Network
Ian Dixon on SideWindow
Media Center Show on The Podcast Network
Ed (from El Paso?) on PodProducer
Ed, where’s your podcast? We want to listen to it.

52:10 Wrap up

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