Mind mapping a typical day


I decided to create a mind map of a typical work day for the next Tablet PC Show (also an upcoming jkOTR article).   Yikes!   Mind map using MindManager, of course.



Mike Cane

When I clicked on the image, I was disappointed that it was too small to be legible. Perhaps in future you will give us a *large* picture so we can get an idea of how this thing works in fitting thoughts together.

I’m still scarred from my elementary school days and *outlines*. >running from the room screaming!<

Brad Isaac

Looks good James, but why no colors? No pictures? Mind mapping is supposed to get both sides of your brain working. Neglecting the colors and doodles is supposed to interfere with that. Not my opinion-creator Budzinski’s(sp) theory on the whole thing. :)

Warner Crocker

I’ve thought of doing this myself, but I’m afraid the craziness that is my day would short circuit the program. Jeez! I thought my day was crazy! ;)

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