Like Yeti, OS-X for x86 out in the wild somewhere


Appleā€™s OS-X for x86 is running out in the wilds, though I have not been able to spot it. Engadget says that this works on any generic PC, and the iApps are running smoothly. Engadget found it on MacDailyNews, which in turn found on this site, which is where apparently everything started. I think it might be a wonderful way to stay locked up indoors especially on a happy-shiny-day like today in San Francisco. If you spot the elusive beast, do let me know! Cyrus writes that all the hoopla about the software is being met with derision on atleast one Mac IRC channel, since no one has seen the osx86 yet!



That Mininova link’s dead, but if it was the one allegedly released by XISO, it’s a fake. Getting a regular installable will probably take a couple of weeks/months given that
1) The Dev kits don’t start shipping for another week
2) They don’t come with install media
3) They’re unlikely to include video drivers for any card except the one shipping in the dev kit
Ffrankly I’m finding this whole OSX-X86 thing a bit terrifying, particularly given that the dev kits seem to be shipping with 20yr old BIOS technology. Open Firmware was a gift, and I hope Apple aren’t yanking it back from us.

Om Malik

it is one of those hard to believe stories, but cannot under estimate the ingenuity of those hacker types

Cyrus Farivar

I was just looking on IRC in my usual Mac-pirated software hangout and those guys there said they haven’t seen it either. They were laughing at the articles.

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