Tiger x86 Runs on Standard PC’s


MacDailyNews is reporting that the leaked copies of OS X Tiger for x86 will indeed run on standard PC hardware. This is not surprising, considering that this is a very early release, and Apple has no plans to make a profit off of this version. In the future, Apple will most likely control which computers Tiger can be installed on by using either Intel’s built-in on-chip DRM, or a separate, Macintosh specific chip. Many argue that it would be foolish for Apple to keep Tiger solely on Macs, pointing out that many PC users would be interested in switching if they would not have to buy new hardware.

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I would love to swtich to OS X if my pc can run OS X. Atleast OS X has less bug than Windows….


“Windoze users are thirsty for an alternative that works.”

How many? Honestly?

Most non-geeks don’t separate software from hardware. They buy “a computer”. Software included. They buy new computers and it comes with Windows. They get used to it. Not many are going to switch an operating system for another unless they have a geek buddy willing to tell them that there are alternatives.

Geeks are thirsty for an alternative that works. Most Windows users think the OS is part of the computer; they don’t see the possibility of change.


You know folks, with all the headaches Vista is causing, if Steve Jobs had two warm brain cells he would step up, release a version of OS X that would ONLY run on over-the-counter x86 PC’s and price match Windows. As it is, people are going to heist OS X to run on PC’s because windoze is getting worse… and worse… and worse… Come on, if you could run the same software on OS X emulating a PC and still swap back and forth but without the pricey Mac hardware, I bet you would start to see a migration of people away from microshaft…er…soft.

Think on it another way: when was the last time you could buy a Mac Laptop for $600 bucks new with a warranty? No? I can get an x86 laptop for that right now off Newegg.com. THAT’S why people don’t buy Mac, because there is NOT a cheap Mac for someone who’s got limited money. And trust me…

Windoze users are thirsty for an alternative that works.


don’t bash religions… as far as things go, it’s more like the government of the USA than any of the middle eastern religions… The US gov’t has proven time and again it can’t be trusted, the most recent being the AT&T public spying case…

middle eastern religious groups that get in the news may be fundamentalist, and they may crush all opposition, but in the end, they don’t hide things like the USA… And the religious right in the US is as bad as any middle eastern groups.

and there are many people who would go for OS X over windows in a heart beat… I have several friends who are looking at Linux, trying to find something as simple as OS X when it comes to usability and simplicity… and I would be one of the people to switch…

And couldn’t people just write the drivers for OS X to see the different hardware? sounds easier to me than trying to convert an OS to a different platform (as was worked on when Macs still used PowerPC)


dont you mean if microsoft was a religion it would be muslum…


This is a step into the future, open source is the smartest way to advance, wether they make profit or not, the technology will still advance, allowing all major platforms to finally be cross-platform. Imagine running a mac with a better instruction set? It would be a x86 with SSE2 or 3..


Microsoft does very well only selling some hardware. Its selling the software that makes a profit – no electronics to design and invertory of parts to keep oredered and labor to build the equipment.
I would buy a copy of OS X x86. Apple always shoots itself in the foot trying to control everything. If Apple were a religion, it would be something from the middle east…


I’ve downloaded a the Tiger X86 and have successfully installed the OS into my Intel based machine.

The specs from my machine is quite similar to the reference machine used and it’s working great.

Here are the specs :

P4 Prescott 775 3.0GHz
MSI i915P Neo2 Platinum 1.0b
DDR2 533MHz 512MB x 2
ATI Radeon X700 Pro DDR3 128MB PCI-Express
20GB Maxtor PATA (Test drive)


When you try and run the installer on a non-apple intel box. the installer tells you “Darwin / x86 is not supported on this hardware configuration”


I’m surprised they’ve left this open to run on standard hardware.

I wonder what system you have to run, though. I expect they’ve only included drvers for the PowerMacIntel motherboard etc, to limit the people that are able to run it.

Right? :/



can u please e.mail me with the link as i use both a mac and a pc at home and i would be interested in comparing the differences as both are the same specs




Dude email me with a link so I can download it please, I would be really interested in developing things which could run cross platform.

zombieclone@ the hotmail.com

It would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been searching for a couple of days.


It is not fake. I have it and have downloaded it just to try it. I own a mac and pc. I burned the iso using nero and tried to boot. It does boot into some screen with text telling me its darwin and at the end it says something like ‘Compatible hardware found”….but there is nothing under that, i guess it means none of my hardware is compatible…and that’s where it stops.

Paras Tolani

It is a fake..
i garauntee it 100% to be fake..no jokes.
when u mount the iso over vmware, it hsows a guy with his butt exposed.


I agree that the “Made in California” factor is important, but the future is “The Software Stupid”. Yes, I will always buy Apple because of the Macs beauty, but there are many current WIndows users who do not appreciate the elegance of these products. It is the amazing usability and power of the OS that will transform apple, not hardware.


Apple is strong now because of their “Designed by Apple California”-stuff. People love Macs because they are beautiful. If Apple would become a software-only house.. I think they’ll go bankrupt. The big pusher in moving from Windows to Mac OS X it’s the hardware beauty, more than the software easyness.


What in apple’s recent activities implies that they’re moving towards a software-centric business model?

the release of the mini, the emphasis on the iPod family of products, the continued development of new hardware – like the desire to push more power per watt that drove the move to intel in the first place…


True, but there is also lots of talk about Apple moving toward a more software-based company situation.

Dan Bruno

Many argue that it would be foolish for Apple to keep Tiger solely on Macs, pointing out that many PC users would be interested in switching if they would not have to buy new hardware.

On the other hand, Apple would be foolish to allow Tiger to run on PCs, because they wouldn’t sell any more hardware.

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