Hands on the Motion LE1600


Le1600_w_keyboard_2The new Motion LE1600 is no question a sweet slate. Light and thin yet with all the features and ports a body could want (including DVI) .  The specs are so good that several Tablet MVPs are now anxiously awaiting delivery of the new slate. Finding people who have actually held one in their hands is difficult so when you do it’s good to share that information to help spread the love.

A blog called shhh- life!-er? has a post by a guy who got to play with the new Motion for a while and shares some impressions of the capable state. The author is not a current Tablet user so the impressions are particularly valid.  Worth a read if you are curious about the LE1600.  The View Anywhere screen made a big impression in person.



Kwon, that’s my feeling too. If I go bigger than 10.4″ then I want higher resolution. I just don’t like the way XGA looks on 12+” screens.


JK, I actually played with it at Oz Cebit 2 weeks ago. It really is well built – almost feels water tight. The carbon fibre chassis (I believe) provides both stiffness and grip. The battery end has a rounded surface at the back, which makes it ergonomic to hold. The size of the screen is begging for SXGA resolution. The demo unit didn’t have VA screen but it was still impressive. Pen tracking seemed accurate. Having all the buttons on one side is a bit inconvenient. I’m now using Toshiba m200 because of the extra screen resolution (mainly for mind mapping). My next tablet will be a slate with high resolution screen. Hopefully Motion will do one soon. Having owned a TC1100, I would still choose it over LE1600. At XGA resolution, I don’t feel the need for a 12 inch screen. The smaller size of TC1100 makes it much more nimble for daily use.

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