Nokia, Intel’s Unholy WiMAX alliance


Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or that seems to be the logic behind today’s news announcement that Nokia will work with Intel to promote WiMAX, the much marketed but still not for sale technology. Nokia is in mortal combat with Qualcomm which is using its chips and WCDMA/CDMA business to beat the established mobile guard on the head. Intel is trying to beat Qualcomm in the chip game. Qualcomm ridicules WiMAX and everything that is not CDMA mint. Hence, Intel+Nokia are playing nice and have promised to work together on cooking-up mobile WiMAX.

Incidentally, Nokia was a founding member of the WiMAX forum, but quit in a huff when it figured that WiMAX was nothing but a fancy term for fixed wireless backhaul. Mobile WiMAX (if and when it happens) is all about avoiding the Qualcomm tax on the next generaton wireless technologies. “There is interest from operators. It’s still too early to tell who and what, but we (Intel and Nokia) are making sure it is working,” Tero Ojanpera, Nokia’s chief strategy officer, told Reuters. I don’t know if I buy that line at all.

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