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Microsoft's Lightspeed Not Moving Fast Enough

Time for Business Week to weigh in on possible delays in Microsoft’s delivery of the software to power SBC’s Project Lightspeed. Mileage varies from story to story but BW’s reporting that SBC will roll out IPTV in only one market this year and that Microsoft TV VP Moshe Lichtman says the program’s “probably a quarter” behind schedule.
The problems being reported aren’t launchable glitches; without the ability to watch one show while another is being recorded or to watch shows on more than one set, IPTV would lose a lot of allure. There are issues with the IPTV set-tops,too; Motorola is having problems with the chips.
The upshot? This is still going to happen but we’re going to see a lot more reports about delays and a lot more pressure on Microsoft to deliver.
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