How’s your back?

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Industry watchers have announced that notebook computers have outsold desktops for the first time. This is not surprising as notebook computers have gotten comparable features as their larger counterparts. Throw in the facts that wireless networks have spread like wildfire and that notebooks now cost much less than in previous years and it makes sense.

A C/NET article reports that health care experts are seeing a rising number of work related injuries attributed to extended notebook use.

"When you look at the design, laptops were never (meant) as a replacement for a desktop computer," said Alan Hedge, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University. "The idea was portability for occasional use. It was never intended to be a machine you would work at for eight hours a day, 52 weeks a year."

So be careful not to hunch over your notebook for too many hours or you might hurt yourself. Of course, if you had a Tablet PC you could switch between notebook and Tablet mode from time to time and give your muscles (and posture) a break.

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This article reminds me why I hated my first tablet pc, NEC Versa Litepad. It was a slate type tablet pc and I never felt comfortable working with it. I always needed to hunch over quite a bit to read or write on it. It may be due to that it has fairly narrow viewing angle, but after a short usage, I got tired and started to feel pain on my back and neck. I’m pretty determined if I buy a tablet pc again, it should be a convertible model.

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