Fredericton of Canada soon to be fully WiFi enabled

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Fredericton, capital of New Brunswick in Canada is home to 80,000 residents. One of the coldest outposts up north, it is also a connected municipality, which is soon going to be enveloped in a wireless (WiFi) cloud, thanks to e-Novations Comnet, a telecom coop. The city has undertaken a project called Fred e-Zone which will result in all citizens and city employees being able to get broadband access anywhere through a 802.11 network. The phase one of the project is already complete, and second phase in currently under construction so to speak. Phase One includes 110 Cisco Systems wireless stations, which provide coverage for about half the city’s potential computer users. Phase two will increase coverage to about 95%. According to Cisco’s inhouse magazine, the first phase cost only $150,000 and the broadband that feeds the Wi-Fi network comes from overflow bandwidth from the co-op ISP.

Full details @ Cisco IQ

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