BellSouth, a Bell With A View


Many folks in Lafayette, Louisiana would disagree with me, but BellSouth, to me seems like a bell operating company with a clear and coherent plan for the IP revolution. They are making evolutionary moves, without risking mega billions of dollars. BellSouth chairman and CEO Duane Ackerman was speaking today at the Supercomm show. “Finally the exciting shift is underway,” Ackerman said, “Every customer experience is being transformed. And, a new broadband economy is on the rise.” He was quick to point out that he is not interested in buying older generation telephone connections, and expanding. A not so subtle dig at Verizon and SBC perhaps? “We believe that in this emerging, dynamic IP world, we must consistently seek new ways of delivering high-speed, integrated communications without investing in yesterday’s technology or in no-growth, old-growth lines of business,” he said. Unlike its bigger Bell peers, BLS already serves more than one million homes with fiber-to-the-curb technology. Further, BellSouth has more than 5.2 million miles of fiber today and is increasing that deployment by about 10 percent year over year. The company is going to introduce a higher speed service later this year, and will slowly ramp up the speeds on its DSL network. “I believe the future belongs to those who balance vision with the fundamentals, the short-term with the long-term, and the promise of technology with the real needs of people,” Ackerman said. “BellSouth is about striking that balance. That’s our credibility. That’s who we are.”



It also doesn’t hurt BellSouth that their service footprint benefits from positive household growth.

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