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InfoWorld Putting Full Stories in RSS Feeds

This is the first media publisher I’ve seen who’s doing this: InfoWorld (owned by IDG) is putting its full stories in the RSS feed, along with inline rectangle banner ads, a text ad, and related links….

Matt McAlister, the VP & GM at InfoWorld, explains the rationale on his blog: “When you’re able to serve branding campaigns, custom sponsorships, lead generation programs and rich media at high volume levels, you’re never going to do more than offer an incremental revenue source to your publishing business with little text ads in your feeds. We’re hopeful that this new format is going to be good for people who want our content and for advertisers who want to connect with those readers.”

As he says, “It will be interesting to see if we can maintain the high CTR we were getting with the same text ads when they appeared in the teaser version of our feeds.”


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