I’ll have my TivoToGo on my Pocket PC, please


TiVoToGo is the company’s service that lets you download your recorded TiVo programs to mobile devices and a recent announcement says that now includes Windows Mobile devices, such as Portable Media Centers, Pocket PCs and Smartphones.  TiVoToGo lets you fill your portable device up with video for viewing on the Metro or to take with you on trips. 

TiVo said TiVoToGo is now available on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers — paperback-sized devices that can play digital music and videos — as well as certain Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and PocketPC handheld computers.

The move improves on TiVo’s TiVoToGo initiative, announced earlier this year, allowing users to shift recorded TV programs to a personal computer in the same home.

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