TiVoToGo Gets Off Ground With Mobile TV

The team of TiVo, Microsoft and Intel — with a little help from American Airlines — have launched their joint effort. The TiVoToGo feature is available for the first time on Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers powered by Intel.
This will allow for easy transferring of saved TV shows from a TiVo box to Windows XP PC, then to compatible portable devices made by Dell Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Audiovox, Samsung and others. The move improves on the earlier TiVoToGo initiative, announced earlier this year, that allows users to shift recorded TV programs to a personal computer in the same home.
American Airlines is aboard as a marketing partner, giving free Portable Media Centers loaded with TiVo content to passengers on a chartered flight today, with a TV news crew in tow.
Reuters: Microsoft said this feature could spark demand in the portable digital video market, whose growth has been slack compared with the explosive expansion of the portable audio market, which is fueled by Apple’s iPod. Video phones could also benefit.
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