ThinkPad X41, Motion LE1600 pics from TechED


Lora Heiny has posted a lot of really good photos of the Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC.  Do NOT miss these pics.  There’s also great shots of the new Motion LE1600 among other things.



Thanks for the info, I spoke to Ergo last night after posting my first message and they advised me to send an email to the rep Ive spoken to previously. It looks like I may have to wait a little while though as they are not currently selling the L series.

Trevor Claiborne

The docks are not interchangable. The le is a bit thinner and a new dock was needed. Additionally the situation of the ports necesitated a new dock for productivity.


I don’t know for sure but I don’t think they’ll work. The Motion site shows totally different docking stations for the LE and M series so most likely they are not interchangeable.


Thanks for the link James, I was particularly interested to see the LE1600 as I currently own a Motion M1200 and would love to upgrade sometime. The new keyboard arrangement which is reminisent of Motion Hardtop Keyboard looks a much better system and obviously the dual mics and extended battery will be a boon. In fact my M1200 is looking decidely old and I shall have to think seriously about contacting the nice people at Ergo Computers to fix me up with a replacement.

Incidentally do you know if the dock is a new design or would I be able to use my existing Motion dock?

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