The Drums are Beating – the War has begun


Obviously, the Mac web is in an indescribable daze, and doesn’t know how to react to the announcement that Apple is switching platforms. What if I just say, right now, “Sweet! Windows is gonna die!”

Is it obvious to you now – and made more clear by watching the Keynote video – that Apple is targeting Microsoft, and hopes to destroy Longhorn before it leaves port? Jobs even made other remarks about Longhorn when discussing the roadmap for OS X, and how Leopard will be out on Intel around the same time that Longhorn arrives. Does this not scare Microsoft? They’ve already been doing a delusional sort of smear campaign – Gates and Balmer publicly calling the iPod, the Mac, and even Linux short-lived fads. But since Microsoft isn’t doing anything concrete for its customers, it has no real way to defend itself.

Okay, here’s the big picture of what I see: Apple makes an awesome, stylish, 500-dollar Intel-based PC running Leopard or Tiger, with the iTunes music/movie store, and can even be a full 64-bit system – all before Longhorn reaches gold master. Microsoft is driving itself towards irrelevance. They aren’t the cheapest, the only one that works, or even the coolest anymore. I have to fix peoples’ PCs for them on a regular basis, and I can tell you, they’re considering Macintosh, because they’re fed up with what they have to deal with on Windows. Ford, Chevy, and Toyota don’t make you call them every time you run out of gas or need an oil change, only to be told you need to call the gas station, who then tells you to call a mechanic….

Unless Microsoft makes a major change, Windows is destined to die, especially if the Mac is opened, and people can install it on any PC. Windows being replaced by Tiger isn’t a pipe dream anymore. Steve Jobs fully intends to see Windows die, and soon.



Let me say 1st ty for saying it finally. Yes there will be a war.
apple is not going to intel for power. They are instead going to intel for bulk. Apple can not cover the impulse buyer market right now. You usually have to wait some time for a configured machine. By going to intel apple is embracing a standard in equipment it has lacked. This unleashes its sales division to sell as many as they can. As long as Jobs stays alive for 5-15 years apple will win this war.Coping ideas is not a problem, all industries do it. But apple has made those ideas work, and that is what the consumers care about. I think most OS’s are behind the times but none touch the apple OS at this time , and if they can keep up the pace, I so no way MS can catch them. Very good product.


I believe what Apple is doing is a combination of all the above. I have been running PC’s since the 80’s when I switch from a Apple II and I’m fed up fixing these things all the time. (I work on 11 PC’s and 3 laptops.) I keep up with Apple’s progress and it’s time to switch back. This is what Apple wants this is what they will get. In 20 years I’ll switch again if the program warrants. In 20 years we’ll all be sitting behind sunglass with HUD displays with all the trimmings-phone, INTERNET, pda in one. We’ll all look like zombies!!!


You absolutely nailed exactly what I hope to see! Speaking as a long-time PC user (okay, forever, excepting my Mom selling Macs in the late-eighties) who’s about to buy his first Mac, I can’t wait!


I still kind of wish they had gone with AMD instead of Intel… I don’t have a good reason for wanting that; I just really don’t like Intel. I strongly prefer Macs, but I also keep a PC running in my house because of necessity. My PCs always use AMD processors.

They’re cheaper than Pentiums, and, as of right now, faster. Of course, since AMD is a small company, they might run into production problems again.

I just hope Apple doesn’t start putting ‘Intel Inside’ stickers on the front of their cases.


eeek… typo. The first phrase should read:

“DrMax, this situation is different than the transition from OS 9.”


DrMax, this situation than the transition from OS 9. Since almost everyone getting onboard the Mac intel train is gonna have to use XCode, they will be able to still support the PPC by only checking a checkbox. And that for years to come.

There will be allot of perfectly usable PPC macs floating around in the future (literally) and that’s a big market that developers won’t ignore.


DrMax…that’s pretty funny…and pretty true.

Building on what others have said (nice article and civil discussion by the way…very enjoyable read), I bet that Microsoft has been making plans for quite some time knowing that OS X would be superior to whatever they could possibly ever offer in competition, due to OS X’s cleaner, more refined heritage and more powerful, extensible architecture. More secure. Etc. The Xbox to me (which I own and love) was MS’s first foray into the realm of independent platform computing. They could have used any processor. In Xbox2 they’re using a PowerPC. They don’t want reliance on Intel any more than Apple wants reliance on IBM or Freescale (Motorola). Their cooperative efforts would continue anyway, however, because just like with Apple and Adobe, it is possible for companies to compete and cooperate at the same time.

Capitalism Is Evil



I watched the WWDC Keynote today, sat through all Steve’s “world’s best” and “finest (insert Apple feature here) on the planet” comments. He almost had me for a second but then I realized that what “transition” means: Mac fans buying a lot more Apple stuff!

I’ve been through this before, I tried to stay with System 9 as long as I could, Apple helped at the beginning with the duel installs but then support slowly drifted away. It will be the same with Universal Binary, tons of stuff at the beginning then slowly we’ll all be urged to upgrade and get the Intel Mac’s because they really are the only ones that will run Quicktime 10 correctly. Once we all have our fancy new MacIntels, Steve will then announce the switch to Cell chips or AMD and it we’ll start all over again!

If you don’t create enough new customers, you have to keep reselling to your existing ones.


Screwed that link up. The link should have been on the word “here.” Sorry about that.


I think the server of the “wired” household in Microsoft’s plan — at least in the immediate future — is simply a PC running Win MCE 2005. I don’t think they envision an Xbox acting as the server itself, although there will no doubt be plenty of hacks to have it act as such. The Xbox is basically just a Media Center extender at this point. There is some interesting (although admittedly biased info about the Xbox as a media center here.

The Media Center idea is really the only thing they have going for them at this point. I would love for Apple to steal their thunder in this market soon.

Bruce M

HAHAHa video games are NOT the future of computing … that is a MS wet-dream … of course they will take over more and more entertainment functions, but I can tell you my dad’s not going to rush out to buy an XBOX 360 to do his taxes on.

MS is desperate to be “cool”. They see games as an avenue to achieve this.

The ironic thing is now Apple is running Intel chips and most likely supporting the latest PC graphics standards, the Apple platform will become kick-ass for gaming.

I do agree with the author that Apple has VERY ambitious plans for OSX on Intel … but this will be a long game of chess, and this is just the opening move. MS will have plenty of time to copy, lie, bully, cheat and steal customers, like they always have done. The MS empire is not and has never been founded on technological superiority, it’s based upon bullying customers and spreading fear and doubt about competitors. That being said, the universal laws of Karma will be catching up with MS at some point, so maybe this is when people finally wake up and chose better technologies.


To say that Apple is targetting Microsoft is delusional on virtually every front:

Apple depends on Microsoft insofar as the availability of Office for Mac supports a good percentage of sales. There are a *lot* of folks out there who don’t want to be stranded unable to open documents from 97% of the rest of the population.

Just because you change from a PPC chip to an Intel chip doesn’t mean that your OS is going to miraculously begin to work on Windows machines. And given that the majority of Apple’s revenue comes from hardware, it really would not be such a smart idea to do that anyway.

Apple never said that the PPC feature pipeline was weak…they said the Intel pipeline was strong. Apple has a long, long history of not being able to get the chips that it needs from IBM when it needs them. If they can get a chip that is 90% as fast for 50% the price, that is a good business decision. I think the decision rests pretty simple on price, supply, and pipeline architecture visibillity.

You’ll never know that anything has changed, other than that you’ll see faster product turn. It will be a relatively trivial matter for Apple to port OS X to Intel given that it is built around a BSD kernal.


Now let me put on my Bill Gates mask for a sec…nice I just made another 10M today…I wish. Anyway, if you read the article I refered to in my post it is clear that Video Game Manufacturers could be the stepping stone to the future of home computing. You can already surf the web, send email and do many other common computing tasks on these gaming machines. Bill’s vision is that someday a home server will run your household appliances and such. I’ve heard the xBox is the catalyst to make this happen. You’re going to need an OS of some sort for this kind of server right?? Mix in IBM’s PPC and you can see how Microsoft is positioning it’s computing into the home. The PC will change as we know it and Microsoft, Sony among others are changing the paradigm of what we traditionally view as a computer. The CPU is a dying bread long term with all of the devises you can buy: Blackberrys, Palm, Cell Phones, to name a few. The PPC is the chip to ride into the future and Apple blew it.


From everything I’ve read, the PPC-based Cell is not at all good for general purpose computing…could be wrong but I’ve read a lot.


Here’s some irony for you all. Apple makes a switch to Intel that counters Microsoft’s move to support IBM’s PPC. You all know that Microsoft’s new xBox which is being positioned as the server for the home runs on a 3 core IBM, PPC processor…take one guess at the OS. Now this is one man’s opinion but it really makes you think: [link]

Apple’s comment that IBM’s chip roadmap looks weak is totally bunk. You heard it hear first….PPC will be running your Windows desktops some day. I think Apple is making a good short term move but long term their PCs will be irrelevant.

Scott Laird

Line 19 – You can’t buy a 64bit Intel processor yet, and they haven’t got one in the pipeline. You may be right in that they will have one in 18 months, I’m not sure.

That’s completely wrong–quite a few of the shipping P4s and all of the Xeons have the same 64-bit extensions as AMD’s 64-bit chips. They’re even getting ready to launch 64-bit Celerons. They aren’t quite as fast as AMD’s chips, but the basic support is there and they run 64-bit Linux just fine.

David Appleyard

Wow – Quite a few inaccuracies there!

Line 3 – They are switching from PowerPC to Intel. They aren’t switching to PowerPC.

Line 17 – They won’t ever make a ‘PC’ as such, they will still be Mac’s. And I don’t imagine they will be changing their product line-up that much. Sure, they’ll use the new processing style and power to kick out updated models (faster Powerbooks etc), but I imagine new products will not be released any faster than if they hadn’t made the switch.

Line 19 – You can’t buy a 64bit Intel processor yet, and they haven’t got one in the pipeline. You may be right in that they will have one in 18 months, I’m not sure.

Lines 30/31 – There’s no way they have any plans to open up the operating system to be installed on ‘PC’s. That isn’t what the Intel switch will lead to. Again, it might, but nothing like that has been announced yet (and personally, I don’t think it will be). One of the things which makes OSX so damn fine is that Apple know exactly what hardware it will be running on. Open it up to all the other Windows machines, and you’ll have the same problems Windows currently does in terms of incompatible hardware.

Just my thoughts – You’ve covered some good stuff here though :)

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