The Drums are Beating – the War has begun

Obviously, the Mac web is in an indescribable daze, and doesn’t know how to react to the announcement that Apple is switching platforms. What if I just say, right now, “Sweet! Windows is gonna die!”

Is it obvious to you now – and made more clear by watching the Keynote video – that Apple is targeting Microsoft, and hopes to destroy Longhorn before it leaves port? Jobs even made other remarks about Longhorn when discussing the roadmap for OS X, and how Leopard will be out on Intel around the same time that Longhorn arrives. Does this not scare Microsoft? They’ve already been doing a delusional sort of smear campaign – Gates and Balmer publicly calling the iPod, the Mac, and even Linux short-lived fads. But since Microsoft isn’t doing anything concrete for its customers, it has no real way to defend itself.

Okay, here’s the big picture of what I see: Apple makes an awesome, stylish, 500-dollar Intel-based PC running Leopard or Tiger, with the iTunes music/movie store, and can even be a full 64-bit system – all before Longhorn reaches gold master. Microsoft is driving itself towards irrelevance. They aren’t the cheapest, the only one that works, or even the coolest anymore. I have to fix peoples’ PCs for them on a regular basis, and I can tell you, they’re considering Macintosh, because they’re fed up with what they have to deal with on Windows. Ford, Chevy, and Toyota don’t make you call them every time you run out of gas or need an oil change, only to be told you need to call the gas station, who then tells you to call a mechanic….

Unless Microsoft makes a major change, Windows is destined to die, especially if the Mac is opened, and people can install it on any PC. Windows being replaced by Tiger isn’t a pipe dream anymore. Steve Jobs fully intends to see Windows die, and soon.


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