The damage DDoS does

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A survey conducted by security company netZentry, shows that nearly 32% of companies surveyed have experienced a DDoS or DoS attack, and 55% of respondents have experienced a Worm or inside-out attack in the last 2 years. The study indicates that DoS and DDoS security incidents can cause a major financial impact totaling more than $100,000 for nearly 40% of those surveyed. More than 10 percent reported losses greater than $500,000. netZentry estimates damages to DDoS and DoS attacks exceed $1 billion among companies with more than 1,000 employees

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Peter Rendall, CEO

It’s time for a wake up call – the sophistication and sheer brute force of DDoS attacks is continuing to climb and if anyone thinks we can simply go after the perpetrators to stop what they are doing, think again – most are launching attacks from abroad in countries where the Internet use laws are lax and there is little incentive for their governments to do anything about it. The criminals, and that’s what they are, not your amateur virus writers, are motivated by greed to continue massing huge botnets to be used for online extortion or spamming. We’re now seeing new attacks that use DDoS to overwhelm traditional security defenses like firewalls while driving worms though the panic stricken device as if it weren’t there. These worms can then be used to take control of mission critical assets or steal confidential information. Unless proactive measures are taken by enterprises, service providers and the Government, we should expect the numbers you quote in your survey to continue to grow exponentially.

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