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Microsoft Naysays Reports Of iPTV Problems

Supercomm 2005, taking place this week in Chicago, underscores the rising importance of television as part of the phone company portfolio. Perhaps no single vendor can have as big an impact on those plans as Microsoft, whose IPTV solution has been the subject of recent negative media reports. In the U.S. alone, Verizon and SBC are committed publicly; BellSouth is rumored to be next. Ed Graczyk, director of marketing communications for Microsoft, naysayed the negative reports swirling around delays with Swisscom, telling CNET: “We are right on schedule to deliver our software by this fall.” Then, he qualified it a little, “Delivering video over IP is a complex puzzle that fits together technology from many different companies including Microsoft and many others. A lot of stars have to align to make this work.” (In other words, if there’s a problem don’t assume it’s all about Microsoft.)
The story says Microsoft is planning new IPTV features — game support, customized channel guides, photo sharing, etc.– but I thought those were part of the plan all along.
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