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I for one am an advocate of “getting away” every now and then. I like to take the occasional vacation and “do without” for a few days. No cell phone, no PDA, and yes…no Apple. I frequently find myself in technology-overkill trying to stay up on all things geek. This doesn’t mean that I necessarily go out in the woods for a week and camp. It usually would be something like a vacation to the beach for a few days staying in a hotel somewhere. Well, as we all know, hotels seem to be getting geekier and geekier by providing guests with gadgets like iPods for their stay. But if you think offering iPods for your stay is techno-awesomeness…check this out.

The Tribeca Grand Hotel has just started offering what is being called iStudio or Director’s Cut packages for your stay at their hotel. What is including in this? Well, lots of things:
• 20″iMac G5 (preinstalled with iLife)
• SONY HandyCam Digital Video Camcorder
• iSight
• iPod with a BOSE Sound Dock programmed with music from Tribeca Grand Hotel
• Selection of Director’s Cut DVDs
• VIP Access to the Apple Store in Soho.
• Exclusive Apple Store Discount

There’s also word that Tribeca will be offering a loaner program to loan out Powerbooks, iPods, iPod minis, and Shuffles.

How much will a night of technology bliss set you back?
May – June Starting at $449
July, August and holiday periods Starting at $369
Sept – Dec Starting at $499

During peak months, their largest Suite will set you back about a grand per night.

If you’re interested in booking one of these babies for the holiday season, you might want to do it fast as rooms are filling up quickly.

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you wouldn’t have to stay there many nights before you could just buy your own iMac! I like the idea of VIP access to the SOHO store, though, whatever it might include.

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