Is there a Poker Bubble?


I might be the master of Bluff, but I will never claim I have mastered the bluff. In other words, I love playing poker, expect I don’t obsesses about it. Jason is starting Poker Player bloc, while Nick already has OddJack. (Gentlemen, the poker related keywords are going at around $1.07, not too high, which means the conversion rates can’t be that great!) Grown-ups are spending hours online on poker sites, thanking broadband for it. (In fact come to think of it, Poker is the new killer app for broadband, and we should see a Poker optimized virtual broadband operator business model starting anyday with liberal VC funding!)

ESPN, TBS and every tier-two cable channel has some sort of poker show. Poker DVDs, and How To Poker books line the aisles of even respectable bookstores. Howard Stern is giving away dollars from PartyPoker.Net. David points out that a highly suspect poker gaming website is going public with a valuation of around $15 billion. Texas Hold’em are three words that make any blogger worth his trackback and comment spam breakout in cold sweat. In other words, Poker is the new “real estate” aka bubble!



Not to pick nits, but to the best of my knowledge, TBS does not have a poker show on the air.


Whenever I think of online poker, I think of a clear glass crack pipe and a torch.

I was reminded of that when I fell off the wagon last week and played some sit&go tournaments at a couple of different online poker sites. The fact that I finished ahead $8 became irrelevant. That stuff is *really* addictive if you’re not careful.

Jackson West

You know, I accuse the Bay Area of having a perpetual gold-rush mentality since, well, the gold-rush. What did the 49ers do here (besides play crappy football of late)? Play poker and diddle prostitutes! What’s hott these days? Online poker and pornography!

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