‘Apple’s Switch Testing Loyalists’ – Why?

I’ve just got to vent a little bit here. The ‘Intel Announcement’ has Mac loyalists, analysts, bloggers, etc, etc, all in a tizzy – and why exactly?? Let’s take a look at what this means on a basic level…

I understand there will be growing pains. Wait a year for the new hardware or get a good price on ‘old’ technology? Transitioning to x86 will cause pain in the form of getting all your favorite apps in a timely manner (granted, I give kudos to Apple for giving the Devs the new hardware now). What if my favorite apps don’t make the jump?

Yeah, there are plenty of concerns, and many questions as of yet, left unanswered. Give it time people. Apple will give us more info. There’s 12 months to go till 6-6-6 (the conspiracy theorists are gonna have a field day with that little bit, aren’t they?) comes and we get our Intel Apple machines.

But here’s the point I’ve got in mind – Look at the alternative!! Am I going to move [back] to Windows because Apple is moving to Intel? Are the inevitable growing pains really enough to send me back to an inferior operating system? Two words: Hell No. OS X is still going to be OS X. Apple is still Apple. As Rich says, Apple just wants to move to a hardware platform that will allow them to produce the products they want – and for us, the consumer!

So settle yourselves. Hang out a year and then take a look at the new selection of Tasty Apple Macs. Oh – and that’s another thing – why on earth would Apple degrade itself to the nasty typical x86 PC? They’re STILL APPLE! Apple Style isn’t dead, and will continue, holy cow. My only fear is the nasty “Intel Inside” graphic – but I’m sure Steve has worked that into the deal, to make it a nice, tasteful laser etching (think: back of the iPods…) on the backside of machines or something like that.

In a Nut: Relax. Enjoy the ride.


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