Another customer support fiasco

I love Onfolio and have written so in glowing terms. The content management and capture tool has revolutionized the way I work the web and makes it easy to capture snippets of information that I need to keep for future writings.   I have recommended Onfolio to many, many people so I would be irresponsible if I failed to pass on to my readers when things don’t go so well.  And for the past week they haven’t. 

I started using Onfolio when the beta for 2.0 was released and it worked flawlessly the entire time I used it. Recently the gold version was released and I gladly ponied up the cash for the "real" version. As soon as I upgraded to the new version I started having problems that had never appeared in the beta. Specifically, when I click the capture button that Onfolio installed into IE I now get an error screen a lot of the time.


When I get this error the web page is not saved to my data collection. Sometimes if I simply hit the button a second time the capture will work fine, and I find that once a capture fails all subsequent attempts will fail on all web pages until I exit IE and reenter. Royal pain. This problem appeared exactly when I upgraded to the current volume so I know something was broken.

Uninstall and reinstall did nothing so four days ago I filed a bug report on the Onfolio technical support site. According to the site I would hear from them in one business day.  I finally heard from them today but much to my dismay it was just an auto response informing me, you guessed it, I would hear from them in one business day.   I’m sorry but this is lousy customer support in anyone’s book and it really gives me pause to think twice about entrusting my important research collection with a company that is so slow to respond. I’ll see if they can fix my problem before deciding it I keep Onfolio or switch to a product with better support.  I’ll update here when I have something further (hopefully good) to report.

UPDATE: Onfolio tech support is now working on the problem. Below is the same error screen that appears running in Firefox so it definitely is an Onfolio problem.



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