WWDC Live Update Right Here!

i’m painstakingly dialed-up via my bluetooth cellphone over my earthlink dialup account, so i’m looking at bandwidth below 14.4. so be patient :) Rich and I are sitting next to eachother. He’s got spare batteries. He’s cool like that. Ok here we go:

10:02AM – music playing. w00t!

10:05: Steve Welcomes us: 500 apple engineers on site. 110 lab sessions. Apple design awards entries: 400+ submissions. ADC MEMBERSHIPS: half a million. Retail: 109 stores around the world. Apple sees 1 million visitors per week. Showing-off london apple store. showing cool video now. wish you/d see it. hah hah.


10:30 x86 migration challenges:
1) OS X must run on X86: OS X has secretly been running.
EVERY RELEASE OF MAC OS X HAS BEEN COMPILED FOR POWERPC AND INTEL This has been going on for the last 5 years. Rich says “greatest Apple conspiracy of all times is true!”.
Steve says: Mac OS X is cross-processor by design.
STEVE is showing us all iApps running in OS X on x86, it’s all screaming and kicking @ass. H264, movie previews. mind boggling!!!

10:26 transitions: here we go. i sense the x86 thing.
1) 68030 –> PowerPC.
2) OS 9 –> OS X
TODAY is time for 3rd transition … we want best computers. … YES IT’S TRUE:

For developers NOW. For our users next year.
Why? because we want to be making the best computers.
Steve acknowledges not delivering on G5.

Intel’s future roadmaps gives us 7 times power per watt over powerpc arch.

By June ’06, first macs with intel x86 will start shipping. By June ’07, entire line of Macs will be x86! This is a 2-year transition!

10:24AM: Tiger represents already 16% of mac os x userbase. Panther is 49%. Jaguar 15%. Earlier: 5%. Expects a year from now Tiger will be 50%. Since 2001 … microsoft has released … XP.


10:21: dashboard widgets show-off: Amazon widget, uses Amazon API to do searches. Steve takes a cheap stab at Longhorn with countdown widget – you had to be there. Wikipedia dashboard widget. Yahoo Traffic updates . a few of 400+ widgets out there.

10:18AM: Critics love Tiger and Spotlight, makes m$ irrelevant. “it runs circles around windows.” “it leaves XP in the dust”. Tiger most successful OS release ever. 2 million copies shipped.


10:10AM – update on ipod and music efforts. ipod on cover of the new yorker – part of the culture. 16M ipods sold end march 2006. ipod is 76% marketshare of all mp3 players. 430 million songs sold on iTunes. iTunes is 82% marketshare of all online music sales.

Recently announced Podcasting phenomenon: TiVo for radio. Wayne’s world for radio. anyone can make a podcast. Podcast is hottest thing going in radio. You can subscribe to podcasts. Over 8,000 podcasts. Not just amateurs doing this. Big broadcasters are starting to do podcasts.

Apple is now building Podcasting as part of iTunes and iPod, with online podcast directory, all for free, demo shown to us, wish you’d see it!

SHowing off Adam Curry’s podcast right into iTunes podcast directory.

KCRW podcast shown-off! The Treatment show.

Apple has special podcast of all new music, with artwork scrolling with music medley!

10:16: MAC HUGE GROWTH RATE over 50%, mac sales has grown 3 times over the industry average.

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