Weblogs Inc. Starts Global Expansion With Engadget Chinese

Our newest site ContentSutra covers Indian digital content and primarily is written from India but in English for the global business community. Weblogs Ins. is trying another approach — a Chinese-language version of Engadget with material translated from English into Chinese and original material for the Chinese market. There’s a fair amount of tweaking left — the Google ads are in English, as is most of the page beyond the posts.
It’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure how many of the other Weblogs blogs could make the transition but geek is universal. Jason Calacanis explains some of the thinking and why he chose this option over licensing: “We’re gonna lose money on this, but I figure it’s a good investment and if it works in China maybe it would work in other languages.” Korean and Japanese are next on the list.

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