VoIP, The Hardware Game


VoIP has the mindshare if not the market share. Asian hardware makers are planning to change all that with a whole slew of low cost easy to use offerings that marry VoIP services to cordless phones, some with colorful LCD screens, that run-off WiFi networks. At Computex, a major tradeshow in Taiwan, dozens of companies were showing off gizmos specifically designed for Skype and other SIP-based phone services. Of course there were others who were showing off dual mode – WiFi + Cellular – handsets. Vonage has announced that it is going to be working with Uniden to make wireless VoIP sets as well. But in reality, with SkypeOut/SkypeIN, and all this love from the hardware community, Skype is a much bigger threat to not only Vonage but to traditional carriers as well. After all if you can buy a $50 Skype Wireless phone, that works like a cordless phone….oh baby!


Jesse Kopelman

No E911, the ultimate SKype business advantage?

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