Verizon’s FIOS Diva


NJ Star Ledger is trying to humanize the Verizon FIOS and has a nice profile of Marilyn O’Connell, a 21-year telecom veteran who is now senior VP for Verizon’s broadband efforts. She is helping VZ overcome its video misadventures of the past, leading into the fiber future, NJ daily says.

A graduate of the University of Kansas she wanted to be a journalist (which is why we see remnants of idealism and optimism) but she ended up taking a job at GTE in 1984, and has been with the company since then, surviving the GTE-Bell Atlantic merger. O’Connell, who helped launch Verizon’s long-distance phone service, and is seen as someone who gets the job done. If she can overcome all the legal issues, it would be quite a feather in her proverbial cap, for fiber to the home is clearly going to change the future. “It’s exciting times. I couldn’t be in a better place to help design the future of Verizon,” she told the Star-Ledger.


Jesse Kopelman

If they want to humanize it, they need to stop redlining.

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