ThinkPad X41 Tablet video is cool


Rob Bushway pointed us to the official ThinkPad Tablet web video that is up on the ThinkPad site.  I just watched it and the coolest thing is the X4 dock.  With an optical drive in the dock bay you can use the included InterVideo CD/ DVD Emulator to copy an image of a CD or DVD onto the Tablet hard drive for viewing after removing the Tablet from the dock. Now you can easily watch movies on trips without taking the dock! Sweet!  Cool feature #2 on the pen – rocker switch that toggles the eraser on and off for erasing with the nib.



I’ve been thinking about my first laptop/tablet purchase and if I got one with a CD-ROM, odds are I’d remove it anyway, to reduce the weight, and plug it back in only when I needed it.


Did you see the PC Mag review? It got 4 1/2 stars. But they gave it “Cons” for no built in optical drive (which is a given on a ANY laptop this size) and for the screen resolution, which I wish was higher.

IBM/Len did a great job on the video too.


That new X4 dock looks pretty good. As long as it’s not wildly over-priced like the X40 Ultrabase (NZ$300 here! Umm…no thanks…)

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