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Qualcomm's Plans For Global Expansion

Qualcomm LogoAs Qualcomm’s BREW Conference winds down a couple of stories have been put up of Qualcomm expanding its BREW platform into new geographical markets now that CDMA and GSM start heading together.
The Register reports Qualcomm’s plans for Europe, which involve “a new content delivery system called Delivery One, which can download non-Brew content such as Java applications and supports advanced user interface tools”. This will allow Qualcomm to bring the Java development community into its Brew framework…
The article also talks about personalized interfaces: “One of the most important tactics for Brew to keep biting at Java’s heels is support for customizable interfaces. While software platforms have been important to cellcos to create their own user interfaces, to help strengthen their own brand image and differentiation, now the process may be shifting to the end user…Many consumers wish to be able to control their own experience and even transfer their user interface even when they change network or handset – another in the stream of examples of consumers chafing against the controlled environments of the mobile operators and demanding a more open platform.
ContentSutra has noted on a similar expansion into India with MediaFLO: “We are in talks with Indian CDMA operators and are conducting trials of the FLO technology for the Indian market. We will be partnering with local content providers to put the network in place,” said Dr Paul Jacobs, CEO-elect, Qualcomm Inc, on the eve of the BREW Conference here in San Diego.”
All up Qualcomm has indicated it plans to use each of its mobile businesses (chips, Brew and MediaFLO) to support the others to promote its technology.
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