Duran Duran Streams Backstage Footage

Duran Duran are streaming backstage footage and tour video in support of their sold out concert in Norway.
“The project created by World Mobile Studios and Magnus Entertainment (New York) is being hosted on TVNorge’s 3G portal and promoted across web channels across Scandinavia”. There are an estimated 500,000 handsets that are able to view the stream or download video in Norway, although how many will pay the 5kroner/minute (about US$0.77/minute) to view the stream is another question. Of course, the aim is not just to sell the video but promote the band, so every view is a good one — and fans tend to be a little careless of their pocketbook when offered access to exclusive content.
“The music entertainment arena is particularly suited for the mobile channel. Duran’s backstage video is perfect to both entertain people with content they wouldn’t expect to consume anywhere else, and raise the profile of the band amongst a predominantly young tech savy audience,” according to World Mobile Studios creative director Roald Van Wyk. I think the fact that the content offered is not something they will see anywhere is a good incentive to get people to view the stream…and if they’ve bought the ticket to the concert and are now lining up to get in they might want a look backstage…
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