Call for ink-enabled photographers


I have been contacted by a listener who is interested in how Tablets can be leveraged in the field by photographers.   It seems to me that Tablet PCs would be perfect as a photographer’s tool in the field and also a capable photo editing station due to the digitizer.  If there are any photographers who are currently using a Tablet I would love to speak to you about it and even have you on a future Tablet PC Show.   Either leave a message for me here on the blog or shoot me an email, pun intended. :)


Joseph DeRuvo Jr.

Mr. Kendrick
I am sorry to see that you have gotten such little response for your call to Photographers. I have found that most Professional Photographers are rather slow to adopt new technology. So many of them are working under such pressure that if they have found something that works they are not quick to abandon it. Obviously this is a generalization, but it does seem to hold.

Michael Randall

I probably wouldn’t really count as a ‘photographer’ as such, but I do use my tablet for processing pics from my digital cameras, and have done so out and about a couple of times now. I’ve even posted to Flickr and blogged the results from the car.

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