Live WWDC Keynote Preparations


At least two of us from The Apple Blog will be attending the conference and the Keynote by Steve Jobs at 10am Pacific Time Monday. It is unclear at this time whether there’ll be any reliable WiFi access during the keynote itself. Even if there is, everybody will be on it trying to do exactly what we’ll be doing. We’ve got quite a few contingency plans in place so we’re reasonably optimistic.

Meanwhile, if by any miraculous chance we’re able to stream out some live audio, it will likely happen over SIP. You’ll want to read-up on SIP and SIP-powered audio conferencing, download SJPhone and configure it, and get ready to place a SIP call to an address we might disclose if our ducks get aligned in a row.

The rest of the staff is also likely to announce an AIM chatroom where we can all congregate.


Jason Terhorst

That’s right. It is indeed 10am PST. What you’ve witnessed is that legendary Apple Blog accuracy. :D

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