Kosher Indian?


kosher indian via cognections


Om Malik

I am trying this place out on my next visit to New York. sounds like food is pretty good. i have not had south indian food in so long so this just might be the best place to reacquiant myself with the south indian food

Raghav Gupta


That used to be my neighborhood place. Good south indian food + the standard lunch buffet (I’ve seen people pile gobs of food on their plate for that one). Anyway, they take the kosher seriously. There’s a great Italian wine store next door and we bought a bottle to have with dinner. Our waiter refused to touch it saying the wine wasn’t kosher, and mentioning that the wine store had a bottle that was. Turns out that the store stocks 1 or 2 bottles of kosher wine solely for Chennai Garden customers! (they also mentioned that it varied w/ the waiter)


There has been a jewish population living in india for over two thousand years. While the Indian jews i’ve known personally were not very strict about keeping kosher, they definately identified as being jewish.

Jackson West

Wouldn’t be hard if they were strictly vegetarian. They would just need a rabbi’s blessing, as far as I know. I know there’s a vegetarian Indian restaurant (with great Thali) on University Avenue in Berkeley that’s probably kosher, too.

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