But Will Apple, Intel Pairing Change Hollywood?


Apple’s reported switch to Intel from IBM for some of its models — an announcement is expected Monday — could change the entertainment content access equation in Hollywood … or so CNET News muses. The idea is that a pairing of Apple, with its success selling legitimate music, Intel, an evangelist for DRM standards that could make it easier to share content legally, could pry open more entertainment content to consumers. Only conjecture for now and, my guess, into the future.
Update:After a phase of denial, longtime Wired News Mac observer Leander Kahney now writes:”it’s really about Hollywood: Apple’s looking to transform the movie dustry the same way the iPod and iTunes changed the music business. … But why would Apple do this? Because Apple wants Intel’s new Pentium D chips. Released just few days ago, the dual-core chips include a hardware copy protection scheme that prevents ‘unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted materials from the motherboard,’ according to PC World. Apple — or rather, Hollywood — wants the Pentium D to secure an online movie store (iFlicks if you will), that will allow consumers to buy or rent new movies on demand, over the internet.”
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