Tablet PC2 reviews the Fujitsu T4010


T4010_3Linda Epstein always writes great reviews of Tablet PCs and the Tablet PC2 web site is the first place I look for in-depth reviews of any Tablet PC that interests me.  She has written a typically good review of the new Fujitsu T4010 convertible Tablet PC and from her observations it is a sweet Tablet indeed. 

The T4010 packs a lot of wallop in a svelte case and is one of the growing number of Tablets to include an integrated DVD burner.  Check out the review for a good look at Fujitsu’s powerhouse.



I have had mine for a few months now. Its a good machine, but I am a bit worried about overheating though. Sometimes, when the laptop is being idle, it reaches 57 centigrade. But otherwise, very useful with taking notes and drawing. (horrible speakers though)……….o and everyone wants to take a look at it, so the “cool” factor is definitly there.


Received mine last week, I’m pretty happy with it for now. Integrated DVD was a must have for me, and the small factor is still quite small and light. And it has all the horsepower I need (1.8G centrino w/1go ram). Still need to practice my inking but I found it quite impresive (my 1st TabletPC).
Wouldn’t have gone the heavy weight road like Eric Mack ;) (and fujitsu aren’t loaded with crap ;) ).

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