WildBlue or Wild Goose Chase?


WSJ is running a story on WildBlue, a satellite broadband company that hopes to sell good-speed connections to consumers and businesses who are off the high-speed Internet grid. I wrote about the whole satellite trend last week. But this quote from Greg Caressi, a senior manager with the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan sums it up: satellite operators can’t seem to put together the economics to make the service comparable” with terrestrial options, and that will make it difficult to survive 10 years from now.



Ya, same problems here with wildblue. Heres another problem. You won’t be able to view websites hosted by godaddy (page can’t be displayed) if you use wildblue. I spent an hour on the phone with wildblue and an hour with godaddy and they both blamed each other. I have found out that it is wildblue’s problem. So if your a wildblue customer and have no other options please do some research on hosting companies wildblue doesn’t block. What piece of shiiiiit company wildblue is!!

Jeffrey Miller

I am another dissatisfied Wildblue customer. Once in a while it works, well sorta, but most of the time it’s only marginally faster than dial-up. I spent over an hour with a tech today and I could hear the stress in his voice – he truly felt bad since he knows what’s REALLY going on. The Sats are saturated and with each new subscriber, the pipe gets slower – and somehow they need to finance new birds. Unfortunately, there aren’t any new birds to put up to solve the problem so we’re outta luck.

A class-action lawsuit won’t solve the problem since it will only probably put WB out of business unless the lawsuit’s intent was to force them to fly a new bird or two sooner and invest more in their infrastructure.

A. Collier

I HATE Wildblue satellite service. We have had it for six months now and it has been a pain from the beginning. I call weekly for assistance. In July, we were out of service for 21 days. I called October 8 and cannot get service this time until October 29 – yes, this is typical for Wildblue service. We moved and Wildblue & Hughes were our only choices. Call other providers weekly to see if the will provide us service. Prior to moving, we had high speed through AT&T and it was a dream. Wildblue is down constantly, you definitely could not work from home with this server and it is often difficult to make purchases and do on-line banking. Did I mention – I HATE WILDBLUE ……

John N. Roll

We started using Wild Blue service in May 2007. I have never had a runaround from any service like this one, in the 9 years I have been on line.They say one thing and do another.We have had problems since day one-when service is required they haven’t showed up for the appointments 3 for 3-The customer service passes you around for hours on the phone,and end up telling you a lie one after another call after call.If you request a supervisor and he tells you it is out of his hands and passes the buck to the next person. The company that installs the unit is a seperate business and they pass the blame back and forth.We are waiting at the moment for the service to be repaired for the third time and the servicman did not show up for the appointment yesterday.I had to open a dial up account 10 days ago to stay in business with my on line store.I am writing this to WARN PEOPLE-BEWARE! WILD BLUE MAY NOT BE FOR YOU!-They will take your money,show you plenty of disrespect and not return it even though there service is built on false claims.If you sign up you are one your own.BEWARE!JNR

D Mottin

Thanks to all who have written about wildblue. I was set to have it installed on August 23, 2007. I called to cancel my order. They did not want to refund the $199.00, but since I’m a dish customer they will credit that amount to my dish account. I will stay with starband. Thanks again,


Paula harper

i got wild blue back in april 2007.it has never worked right since day one. i called and complained over and over again. it would go out and not work for days at a time. and quit working several times a day.after 3 months of calling in complaing finally a tech. came out to check it and and did not fix it.i called back in and told them i want out of my contract, and i want my money refunded, they told me it was not refundable,i tried to resolve this by talking with wildblue and dish network. so i contacted the atty. generals office over them not wanting to refund my money for services that did not work properly.the atty.anyone having problems with wildblue contact your atty. generals office.

Peter Bures

I have WildBlue for 1 week. I have the “PRO pac” $79.95/mont.The upload speed WildBlue advertise (256 kbps)does not exist. The WildBlue services turn to be unusable for me.
So far customer service refused to cancel my “contract”. (The contract is 1 sheet left by installer). Class action law suit should be filed for “Breach of Contract and false advetisement”.If any of you know how and where, count me in. buresp@gmail.com

Tyrone Russell

I have had WildBlue for about 3 months, and had Nothing but problems. I have kept a log of time spent on the phone, 22 Hours on hold, 4 1/2 hours with Tech support, and 5 million grey hairs later, I just want to Blow these Lying B@stards outta the sky. Half the pages I try to load dont. 80% of the files I download are corrupt. 99% of what I do I can do on Dialup, and can not do at all on WILDBLUE. I feel there should be a Lemon Law on Electronic services, That would make these companys that lie, about there service Shut down. Companies like WILDBLUE Lie to get you as a customer, Lie to keep you a customer, then Charge the H3LL outta the customer that isnt happy about being screwd. They expect people to drop there service. That way they can sell it to someone else, while charging full price to the one’s who leave. All I have to say to WildBlue is Remember the Cellphone company “Aerial”… They lied to everyone, Where are they now? NO WHERE :)

michele wacker

How to join this lawsuit? I run a non-profit saving dogs about to be killed and finding them homes. E-mail is critical. E-mail constantly down.

Clifford C. Britt

A storm came through my area and a lightning strike got my modem. I called tech support and was told that they would ship a modem to me overnight. I went in Saturday to get the modem. It didn’t come. I received an email Monday that a repair tech was coming to my location to replace my modem. My warranty states that replacement modems will be shipped directly to the customer and the customer can replace the
modem without a service call ( $75.00 ). Neither WildBlue or the service company would back down until I told them that I would not allow a service man on the property. I believe this is a common problem and have allready talked to lawyer about filing a class action law suit. If you believe you should be part of this action let me know. cbritt5253@aol.com

Carol Smith

I am so relieved to hear everything that is happening to me has happened to others. I feel so totally scammed! Wildblue has a neat little system whereby they will not do anything unless you have called them a bunch of times, (average wait time 1 hour or more) and even then they totally screw things up. They love to “rebuild” accounts and at one point had me down for three different accounts, did not provide service, and won’t let me out of my contract! I have just had it…out of 9 months of service so far I have been able to use the internet for less the half of the time.
Poor service, poor service, poor service.

Gail Thomas RN CCM

Dealing with this company is the worst experience I have ever had. My system has been down for 3 and 1/2 weeks, and I have missed 3 days of work and my granddaughters birthday party waiting for these non-existant installers. I still have yet to see them!I had originally had Earthlink and went to Wildblue to get a higher speed. I deserve 40 lashes with a phone cord, because that’s what I am having to use in order to use the internet at all. It took them a week just to get the interium dial up going. I work from my home and this has caused untold amout of difficulty for me and every time I call, I experience an hour wait time, to be told another pile of lies and placed on hold again. Maybe we need to see about filing a class action suite in order to get the “manager or supervisor”‘s attention because every time I call and ask for one, I am told they don’t have any. Cute, Huh?


Its nice to see i am not the only one being screwed by wild blue. I have had the service for about 7 months and it is the worst service i have ever had. i even unplugged my whole system for a week and checked my bandwith usage while at work and it just kept going up and up, when i sent them a letter about it they told me to unplug it for 24 hours. i gave up on even trying to get it through there head that it had been unplugged for a week, i did let them know that there service stunk and i had better service with dial up.i plugged back in and my son has been uploading and downloading on a regular basis and all of a sudden my bandwith goes down. what a screwed up service


Hahaa, Thanks everyone. I was trying to get this service but they tell me it is “so popular” that it would be another three months before they put another bird up for new service in Arkansas. Guess I will be looking elsewhere. Some power companies will be acting as ISPs through the power lines. Perhaps, then I will get broadband.


I’ve had the same issues as everyone else.. I recently started receiving threatening emails from wildblue that they would start using their limiter on my service if I didn’t stop using so much bandwidth. Their useage monitor is a lie, I’ve had the system for about 3 months and didn’t even use it last month (since it snowed all last month and it doesn’t work when its snowing) They say I downloaded more then 10gbs in the last 30 days LOL. My system is free of viruses and spyware. This is a joke, when I first installed the service it was great, I pinged about 500-800 every where. Then the magic update in November totally ruined the system, it spikes very bad and ping is 1500-3000. Seems like a bait and switch routine to me. I really hope someone starts calling their lawyers about this horrible business practice. Not even a 30 day money back guarantee. I know an installer, and he hates their service too, they package the systems bad and they are usually broken when shipped. I wish they would go out of business before my contract is up, that way I can go back to my dialup which is a better deal.


I got Wildblue in October of 2006 and the service was great up until the middle of November. Whatever they did to it, it is now slower than dial-up. I am paying for 1.5mbps but my maximum download speeds are now around 20kbps. Please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit against this company.


I’m an eX-Wildblue customer
After having a huge billing error, at the time I signed up ( 1,500.00 ) taken out of my account, Wildblue refunded the money and made us a deal on equipment and instillation, and no contract. After 2 months they lowered the FAP which I was not happy about, but service wasn’t that bad for Satellite. Then at the end of July 06 service went downhill. I was a direct customer, (No third party) so a call to support, were over an hour for a person to pick up, most times. As of Nov. 06, Wildblue changed there service and it became totally unusable for our needs. Secure web sites would not load, or time out while doing transactions. Web surfing became slower and timeouts were the norm. 40 percent package loss and ping times going from what were in the 700 range, now went to to 1,400 +. Add to this Wildblue also changed the way they measure your usage, to the point my 2-Gigs to 2.5 Gigs per month, went to 5.5 to 6.5 Gigs with less time spent on the internet. I contacted the BBB of Denver, about canceling, as Wildblue would not let me, without paying for 12 months, and about 40 days later they cut off my service without warning, even though they were payed though the 11th of the following month. I am just happy to be done with them. Just my story…


I have had Wildblue for several months and every month have been threatened with speed downsizing and possible disconnect if I can’t keep my thresholds within the range as stated in their FAP. I download frequently, but seldom upload and my upload is the one that is out of range. I did not know when I signed up that there was a bandwidth usage limit. I do not remember seeing it in the lit that the sales person provided. This is my first broadband experience and satelite is our only option at this time. Was I wrong to assume that when I signed up I would have unlimited use of my internet service that I pay for? Please help me.



We have Wildblue and we HATE it. We just moved to a rural area and now realize how spoiled we were with DSL and Cable Internet. When our contract is up, we are going back to dial up. It is just as fast and a whole lot cheaper. Plus, it HAS to be more reliable than what we have.


my experience is the same as those above. upload and download speeds were far below those advertised and were often much slower than dial-up. i think these folks are asking for a class action lawsuit.

these folks were involved with the ipod lawsuit against apple:

i suggest contacting them. i have and am awaiting a response.


I have had a terrible frustrating experience with Wild Blue Satellite. Would not give the bandwith promised, so my recently purchased Vonage service would not operate. I was left with no phone for more than 3 wks. I sent equipment back, and now will not be reimbursed for possibly more than a mo. Customer service is so very unhelpful, knows nothing. I am given the impression that Wild Blue is doing me a favor by taking my money. I will be angry about how Wild Blue’s so called Customer service treated me for a long time to come. Can say nothing good about Wild Blue Satellite.


Everything here said about Wildblue has happened to me as well. I just might as well have stayed with Direcway if I wanted abuse and no service. Only diffence is that at least Wildblue speaks English.


I have had the basic wildblue since mid Jan06 it has NEVER done as claimed. Only real plus is quick DL of large email files. It surfs the net slower than my dial up 32k connection. Upload of same email, with 42k attachement…32 sec on dial up, 73-90 on wildblue!! That is fast??? 13 hrs on phone with tech support, and finally got a service call in mid June…no fix, no help…service still stinks!!! it is SLOW for surfing, SLOW for sending email, STINKS gaming and webcams. What stinks worse is their service and all the false promises made that have NEVER occured. I think it is time for all of us to band together and let Wildblue know…Class Action Law Suit!!!!


I have WILDBLUE satelite internet
the download claims are within expectations
the UPLOAD speeds are terrible at best.
this causes serious problems with HAND SHAKE and packet information exchange.
you can FORGET the use of a WEBCAM.
not even CLOSE to claims.
WILD BLUE CLAIMS to provide 200kbps upload.
my service is running in the SINGLE DIGITS. and on rare occasion reaches 45kbps.
the service is next to none.
the support team is very nice and helpful and does everything in their power to help.
unfortuately the work order is trashed or not followed up on.
NOTHING comes of any problem tickets.
this is a company destined for disaster.
the left hand knows nothing of the right hand activity.


Wildblue makes money at less than 1 million subscriber’s. According to insiders at SBC project lightspeed will not make it to rural towns in Arkansas before I retire.

There are 52 Ka band orbitial slots that are useful in the United States expect speed to go up and price to come down within a few years.

Satellite Interent is here to stay in rural americia

Wildblue internet

Wildblue internet access is not intended for people with cable or DSL access. It is for rural people with no other options, like myself. I am in rural Arkansas and love the thought of being able to finally surf at broadband speeds and keep my bill in the $50 range.

Om Malik

exactly…. the satellite broadband is not ready for prime time and is economically not viable, unless of course providing access to government agencies and all those who can pay mucho dineros.

Jesse Kopelman

In my mind the solution is LEO satellites, which in turn means lots of satellites. To get lots of satellites you need to be able to orbit them cheaply ($5M per bird). There are lots of people working on this and competitions like the Ansari X Prize help. Sadly, like many revolutionary things this technology always seems 10 years away . . .

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