VoIP, Technology’s Lindsay Lohan


lindsayVoIP just might be techworld’s Lindsay Lohan. The hype around VoIP matches that of IT girl Lindsay, who like VoIP gets a disproportionate amount of media coverage, for no good reason. There are other comparisons, but lets leave those for a bar room conversation. VoIP is making news headlines so often that I am actually surprised that E! hasn’t done a special, and Jeffrey hasn’t been featured on MTV Cribs! Oh why I say that?

According to Ipsos-Insight the awareness of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) rose dramatically in the past year, with 62% of US Internet users now aware that they can use their Internet connection to make telephone calls, up from 41% only a year ago. Of course they polled 1200 Internet users, so these results were expected. Much like the way gossip writers when polled would easily name Lindsay as their favorite “IT” girl – after all you could count on her to generate copy!



Does VoIP also take $5,000 fur handbags to charity events? :D

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