Stat-Alert: PBX Sales Down, IP-PBX Sales Up


Infonetics Research says that the worldwide PBX/KTS revenue dropped 12% to $1.5 billion between 4Q04 and 1Q05, and the number of PBX/KTS lines shipped worldwide decreased to 6.3 million in 1Q05, 15% lower than in 4Q04. Pure IP is the only PBX category to beat the budget blues in 1Q05, increasing 10% to $223 million, 36% higher than a year ago. Revenue is forecast to jump another 24% to $277 million in 1Q06. Pure IP and hybrid system revenue together total $1 billion. Most of the hybrid players had a down first quarter, but the pure IP players, like 3Com, Cisco, and ShoreTel, were able to maintain growth.


Jerry Mac

this is totally true. the ip pbx market is growing and there are companies such as vertical with product offerings for niche markets such as real estate and law. ip pbx is the future, ip pbx business phone systems will be the next wave in the telecom sector

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