Netgear: We shipped a million ADSL gateways


Netgear, most think of them as a wireless router company, and over look the fact that it is selling all sorts of things like broadband gateways. The company says it has shipped more than a million wired and wireless ADSL gateways. Mostly in Asia pacific and Europe, where the Bells don’t have a special relationship with a gateway maker. A million is not as huge, especially when compared to the number of boxes 2Wire ships or Westell and Aware sell via their RBOC partners. But did this really merit a press release?


Om Malik


i agree. they are a small nimble company, and perhaps stretched a tad. actually have not heard people saying that their products crap out. you must have had horrible luck. sorry to hear that your routers flaked out

Brian Breslin

I think the reason this is impressive is that they are a very small company. I remember reading in (business2.0 I think) about how they only have like 6 engineers and a dozen other employees. They source out everything, and make a bunch of money to boot as a result.
the real question is, why have I had 2 netgear home-office routers die on me after a year of heavy use?

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