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Hurray! Launches First ‘Mobile Album’ In China

Hurray Logo“Chinese mobile company Hurray! has announced that it has launched the first mobile album in China, entitled “You Are My Roses,” which users can download or listen through their mobile phones. This is the latest release from Long Pang, who is an up-and-coming pop singer in China. The title track of Mr. Pang’s last album ”Two Butterflies” has consistently ranked as one of the top hits in China since its release…Commenting on this announcement, QD Wang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hurray!, said, “This is the first time an album has been launched over the mobile networks in China months before its CD or Internet release.” Mr. Wang continued, ”We think this new way of music distribution is particularly attractive in China given that it can effectively reach the over 300 million mobile phone users in China, while avoiding the piracy problems which can arise in the context of CD and Internet distributions.”
I’m not sure how many of those 300 million chinese have phones good enough to download an album too, even if the handset could play the songs at a good quality…
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