Bubble Era Portal Obsessions Move To A Mobile Age

The textual tug-of-war over the viability of mobile TV continues apace…Mike Masnick is skeptical not so much of whether people will want to watch TV on mobile phones but the strategies used by the content companies as part of their land grab. “It’s not that people won’t watch TV on their handsets, if it’s provided in a way that doesn’t break the bank, but it’s hardly a reason that people seem to be rushing out to buy new mobile phones…the jockeying for space within mobile portals (probably for ridiculous fees) will eventually look as foolish as similar, multi-million dollar deals for preferred placement in the big name Internet portals did after the Internet bubble burst. What came out of that was the realization that portals weren’t always the most important thing for users finding (or creating) content. Instead, the next generation was all about search.”