The Register Rips MS IPTV Strategy


Close on the heels of my post from yesterday, The Register investigates and finds more trouble in Microsoft’s IPTV strategy, and puts the blame on its software innards. The Register points out that the cost to telecom operators would be twin fold: the delay in networks, and higher build out costs. “It also costs something like 6 times the price of other services and necessitates the use of Windows 2003 VoD servers, something they are singularly not good at. “ Ironically, all the stuff Microsoft cooked-up for cable operators, seems to be working nicely, and cable operators are happy using those products. Insiders tell us that the code base for the IPTV set top and server services is completely different from the cable TV code base, despite the fact that the two systems do much the same thing, albeit over widely varying networks.

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